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Upgrading Citrix Netscaler to the latest build, Using SSH!

The below example is for Upgrading Netscaler VPX appliance to the latest build on a Hyper-V host. Select the correct binaries from the download site. In my case the Hyper-V package download.

Next using WinSCP or other terminal software browse to remote /var/nsinstall (note below screen shot is wrong directory) and create a directory for the firmware and copy firmware from /local over into this directory. No set permissions needed.

During my file upload to the appliance i received the following error. If you receive this the likelihood is your WinSCP software needs updating to the latest version.

Next following the below procedure.

SSH into your appliance using Putty and type “shell” to enter the shell

1. Type cd /var/nsinstall

2. Type ls to list the contents of the directory and verify your newly uploaded firmware package is there

3. Now type “tar -zxvf build-xxxxxxxx.tgz” to unzip the package

4. Then type “installns” to begin the install. Should take about 30 seconds to copy to flash and install.

During install will pause for a while at ‘extracting pyhton…..” be patient it will eventually continue.

5. Reboot the appliance once prompted for it (just type Y).

6. Login via the web GUI and verify the firmware version in the top right corner is the same as the package you were trying to apply.

**Process can take up to 30mins***

Other Known issue.

During upgrade process may hang indefinitely, as shown below. This is a bug in the background upgrade will complete successfully and GUI will eventually be reachable.

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