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Fix hiding Citrix taskbar without profile reset.

Ever faced an issue whereby user logs into a Citrix hosted desktop session and the Windows taskbar auto hides! Normally this would indicate an issue with the user profile and a profile rest or rebuild would normally correct the issue. But what if a profile reset was not an option? The below is a workaround without a profile reset.

first make sure user logs out and make sure you have access to the user profile director as the NTUser.dat file is required.

1. Open regedit.exe.

2. make sure HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is selected on the left panel.

3. click File -> Load Hive in the main menu.

4. open ntuser.dat file in common dialog.

5. specify some temporary name, like USER1.

6. make changes.

7. make sure HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\USER1 is selected on the left panel and then unload hive from main menu.

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