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System Thread Exception Not Handled Cvhdmp.sys

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Symptoms or Error

VM is not booting up using Citrix Provisioning Server V- Disk. ERROR: DNA Stack error.



  1. Clone a VM from working VM(booted by VDisk) to where you need to copy it.

  2. Convert the cloned VM as a template

  3. From the template , Create a new VM and Choose VLAN then set the NW boot on Boot options

  4. Go to the PVS console. Choose a Device collection or Create a Device collection and Create a Device to match the name and MAC of VM which we created recently by the template

  5. Assign a Vdisk for the Target Device

  6. Boot from the Network

Problem Cause

This is caused by CVHDMP.sys file. Communication or mapping has been interrupted or corrupted when we try to copy-paste from one VC to another and boot it over PVS.

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