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Clone an Azure Web App for test purposes.

Suppose you want to move your application from US Central to UK West, it can be accomplished using Azure Portal or PowerShell command that will create a clone of your current application in the new region.

If you prefer to use Azure Portal instead of PowerShell for the clone, follow the steps below. It's fairly easy to perform the clone in a few clicks instead of going through PowerShell.

If you decide to follow along, confirm the following pre-requisites before you begin.

· Be sure that you have the latest version of PowerShell installed. You can use Cloud Shell if you prefer to stay within Azure Portal, but we will be using the portal here.

· Your app service plan should be running on at least Standard Tier to perform the clone on the application. This operation cannot be performed on the Basic/Free Tier applications.

· You need a running Web App to perform the test. Follow along once you have a POC web application to test the following steps.

Also one very important point! the clone process will duplicate the website configuration and Security certs and give you a new URL, however the database or any other backend services will not be duplicated.

· Navigate to Azure Portal and your Web App resource.

· On the left side blade, choose "Clone" option.

· Use the following screenshot and the steps below to follow

· Fill out the name for new web application and pick a resource group where you'd like to deploy it.

· You have the option to create a new App Service Plan in either the same or different region. Create one with a name of your choice.

· Under Clone Setting, make sure you enable the feature that you'd like to clone with the application.

· You can turn ON the "Application Insights" optionally.

The clone should take only a few minutes and you should see new resources in your destination resource group as shown in the screenshot below.

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