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Troubleshoot Azure VM using the Serial console

Recently I experienced a problem accessing one of my Azure VM's using the usual RDP connection. Failing to connect i decided to try alternatives one being the serial connection. I encountered a few issues getting this to work so decide to put this blog post together to help anyone who may encounter similar issues.

Every VM requires a storage account or a blob storage container for boot diagnostics. So if you didn't setup one for the VM during initial setup you will need to do this first.

setup boot diagnostics storage.

Next go back to the VM serial console and wait for a connection to be made. This is where I experienced issues.

if you don't establish a successful connection and see errors referring to a health report or unsuccessful connection or if the SAC is not enabled on the server, then do the below to enable SAC.

- select 'run command' from VM pane

- select EnableEMS

- click run

Once the above is done, restart server and try serial console again.

This time you should have a successful connection and arrive at the SAC prompt.

Type SAC> ‘cmd’ to create a new channel

SAC> ‘ch -si 1’

press 'enter' when prompted and then enter login credentials for the server.

this should now allow access to the serial console of the server.

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