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AzCopy Fails with “Could Not Finish the Operation Within Specified time”

During the upload of a large file to Azure using AzCopy you may find that after about 10GB of upload you receive an error “Could Not Finish the Operation Within Specified time”.

By default when AzCopy starts it creates a certain amount of concurrent connections in order to increase the data transfer throughput, unfortunately this large number of connections can overwhelm a low bandwidth network and cause the whole operation to fail. In order to avoid this specifying the NC switch within our command can avoid this by throttling the connection. Your command to copy files to Azure should look like this:

AzCopy /Source:E:\Data /Dest: /DestKey:securekey /S /V:E:\upload.log /NC:1 The Source is where your files are. The Dest is where your files are going in Azure. The DestKey is the access key that is generated by Azure. The S switch ensures AzCopy takes all files and subfolders. The V switch is used to specify a log file destination. The NC switch specifies how many concurrent sessions to use, in this case I've throttled it to one.

The full command to execute is as below:

AzCopy /Source:C:\Work\Apps /Dest:***********************************************************************************************************************== /Pattern:"visio.iso" /V:E:\upload.log /NC:1/BlobType:"page”

NC:1 = no of concurrent connections 1

V: = log target

/Pattern: is the source filename

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