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Mount One Drive For Business as a mapped drive.

OneDrive for Business, while often used as a web service or with the sync client, can also be used as a mapped drive. This is especially useful for users that prefer not to sync all of their OneDrive for Business files to their local PC/Mac. Instructions to mount OneDrive for Business as a mapped drive:

1. Add https://<tenantname> to the Intranet sites in Internet Explorer.

2. Select the Keep me signed in check box when you sign in to your Office 365 account.

3. After signing to Office 365, navigate to OneDrive for Business, and copy the URL. It should be where USERNAME = domain name username.

4. Right-click the Computer icon from your Windows desktop, and then click Map Network Drive.

5. Select a Drive and then paste the URL you copied before in the Folder input box.

6. Make sure the check boxes of Reconnect at sign-in and Connect using different credentials are selected, and then click Finish.

7. When you are prompted to enter your credentials, use USERNAME@tenant.dom where USERNAME = your firstname.lastname username or what ever format has been specified by the tenant admin, and then Click OK.

8. You should now have a mapped drive to your OneDrive for Business file store.

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