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Converting a synched user to a cloud only users whilst maintaining settings and data.

Recently had a tasks of completing a synched 365 user to a cloud only user.

There is no easy way to convert a synched user to a cloud only user. The only process I could find was as follows.

1. Create a new OU on AD on-prem which is not synched.

2. Move the users from the syched OU to the non-synched OU.

3. Perform a delta synch with Azure Ad connect.

4. This should move users into the O365 deleted items container.

5. Restore the user from there and make a cloud only user.

There should be no data loss throughout the process i.e. no email data loss, licenses may need to be re-applied.

This process will also maintain users MFA settings, BUT PASSWORD WILL NEED TO BE RESET!

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