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Cloud member user shown as external guest user

If there is ever an on-premise or cloud only user with one of the vanity domains i.e. but is shown in O365 as a guest user indicated by the globe icon next to the name. I recently came across this issue where an employed member of staff was appearing as a guest user in 365 which means many of the functions and capabilities for the business user in 365 were not permissible. The user account was changed to a member user as below:

To resolve the issue connect to MS online using powershell.

1. Connect-msolservice (login in with global admin credentials)

2. Check status of the user in question i.e. Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName | fl *type*

Output will read:

CloudExchangeRecipientDisplayType : 1073741824

MSExchRecipientTypeDetails : 2147483648

UserType : Guest

3. User is shown as guest, must change user type to member as shown below:

set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName -UserType Member

Now status should show as member and user should no longer be shown as Guest.

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